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Patricia Casey's new exhibition, Home Alone, opening Tuesday 25 September explores that elusive but tantalising aspect of all our lives - memories. Home Alone is a series of closely cropped self portraits on paper. The works contain Casey's trademark philosophical photographic images, yet the treatment in this exhibition is unique. "The images are hand coloured and drawn over, then rephotographed. Printed as large format digital prints on paper," said Casey today. "They are a simulation - a flawed copy of a flawed copy."

The subject matter is both allegorical and personal, an interplay of Casey's own history and photographs of environments and objects close to home. The works acknowledge the slippery construct of memory, and the way human stories all vary according to the roles we play and the baggage we're carrying into the moment. Casey matched and mismatched the self and the object to depict her history. The works ask the question - what was real and what was pretend? "Being human is not an exact science," says Casey. "There is no 'real' definitive truth. The best we can hope for is that there is truth in the moment."

Patricia Casey is an award winning photographic artist. Most recently she was awarded first prize in the 2006 Head On Alternative Photographic Portrait Prize and was a finalist for the Sulman Prize at the AGNSW in 2005 and in 2003. Her recent solo exhibitions include Home Alone and Relume at A-Space on Cleveland, and she has taken part in numerous high profile exhibitions in Sydney and beyond.

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