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In a world where explanations and motivations are asked of us daily Dunn instead invites the viewer to be enveloped by the movements of his brush strokes and interpret his work as they see fit. Born in 1954 Shane Dunn has become a man of infinite talent involving himself in a stratosphere of design elements from textiles and costume design to interiors and architecture. As well as working and exhibiting in Australia, Dunn has been also been warmly received in the UK and the USA. Influenced by mid twentieth century abstract expressionism, Dunn wishes to express the abstract of the twenty first century. However he stresses, that the viewer should take pleasure in deciphering what his work is communicating and not seek an explanation from him. It is what it is.

Quoted as saying: "The art of painting is not DEAD, it is alive and well", he suggests to audiences that the digital age has not yet taken over traditional mark making. Proving this wholeheartedly with highly textured impasto acrylic and pigments that seem to reverberate with a life and energy all of their own. Where Dunn has previously spilt and thrown paint with as much gusto and feeling as Pollock once did, he now moves the acrylic with uninhibited strokes and splodges creating works of ordered chaos. One thing is for certain his strokes have purpose, a place to be, a direction to go but in communicating a rationalization, Dunn remains silent. His works thundering all on their own.

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