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Lydia Miller's paintings whip and dance reverberating to the silent sound that echoes through her palette. With great skill she weaves highly exotic silken threads of colour into dark moody hues of contemplation and abstraction. Highly Strung, Miller's fourth solo exhibition is to be held at the NG Art Gallery. Works titled String Quartet and Symphony 91 summon images of Miller orchestrating her brushes as a conductor does his baton, willing the intangible to become substantial and visible to her audience. Miller does not mimic the music she hears instead she allows it to will her emotively, enriching her with its creative energy and transferring itself onto the canvas. Paintings such as Coastal Abstraction and Flooded River drip and pour into each other.

Hollow greys and startling yellows muddy into warm earthy tones creating landscapes that rise and roll across the canvas. In contrast Pink Improvisation and Untitled I, burst like spring time buds lit up by the sizzling Australian sun, exploding and resonating in hot pinks, bleeding reds and shocking citrus. Influenced by her second home Australia, she finds her inspiration in the outback and coastal landscapes as well as in Singapore where she spent seven years learning under the late Chinese Master, Chen Wen Hsi. She is seen by many as a synaesthetic painter who mixes her rich European heritage with her more recent Asian learnings. Lydia Miller is passionate about music and obsessively painted much of her recent work whilst listening endlessly to Mozart's String Quartets.

Born in the Ukraine Lydia Miller came to Australia during the 1950's and as a young child would scribble and scribe on whatever her small hands could stumble upon. Later in life she studied Arts at the University of New South Wales completing a Graduate Diploma of Education leading her then to The Seaforth School for Art and Design, The Julian Ashton Art School, The Royal Art Society and The Workshop Art Centre, Willoughby. Miller has been selected for many significant prizes in Australia including the Portia Geach, the Mosman Art Prize, the Fishers Ghost NSW and many others. She has completed portraits for several leading Australian political and academic figure and has work in public and private collections in Australia, Asia, Europe and USA. For further information, please email ng@ngart.com.au
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