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Peter O'Doherty's newest works continue to explore that which is quintessentially Australian. However his subject matter is not the fabled wide brown land of Mackeller, but the stout cultural links to a suburbia recognised by us all. His work is best described as figurative. O'Doherty is not a fan of realism, and although there is a hint of precision in the form and essence of a subject, the flattening of images creates a dreamlike quality, as if viewing just upon waking. Taking inspiration from the everyday, O'Doherty creates honest representations of life that invite introspection and consideration. The solitary shaving brush in the morning sunlight; he empty aging vinyl chair; a housing commission block in Redfern - aspects of our world that we rarely embrace or even give second thought to.

Yet, O'Doherty draws us in, pointing out the similarities between us in his depiction of what we take for granted. His composition also sets out to challenge. An intimate crop of an apartment block, for instance, leans towards the abstract in its depiction of two floors or an exterior corner. As O'Doherty changes perspective, there is a sense of trying to find perfection in an imperfect world. O'Doherty is happier working on his art than speaking of it, yet he does admit that light is his muse. Light and shade are amplified in his work, as if recalling the late summer Sunday afternoons of childhood. Colour contributes to the semi-illusory effect. Bright, at times blazing reds and olives sit comfortably next to sedate greys and whites. The overall effect one of a suburban mirage, in which one is enticed by the seamless idyll of Australian life.

A prize-winning artist who is emerging as a premier talent, Peter O'Doherty's works are sought after by major collectors both in Australia and beyond. Peter O'Doherty has exhibited widely both in Australia and overseas. In December 2005, Peter was awarded the Paddington Art Prize for best Australian landscape painting. Over the last 9 years Peter's work has been selected 7 times for the Salon des Refuses exhibition at the SH Ervin Gallery, Sydney and in 2001 was selected for the Sulman Prize at the AGNSW. His most recent acquisition was winner of the Allan Gamble Memorial Mosman Art Prize in July 2007.

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