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Mia Ng, an emerging young Australian artist, paints the Australian landscape with simple curiosity and quiet contemplation in her first solo exhibition 'Of a Place' showing at the NG Art Gallery. Her oils on canvas reveal winding country roads pushing through rolling hillsides into deserted towns. The paintings exhibit a strong sense of movement and yet many take place in slow motion as if the viewer is daydreaming beneath the blinding Australian sun or as if time has stood still. Mia's landscapes have within them a human presence but it is one that has long walked by. There is an atmosphere of travel and motion, yet the roads are empty; the land cries out with solitude.

Her inspiration is taken from the gold mining town of Hill End, once a bustling town offering promises of wealth and fame, now standing forgotten and barren. Mia shows an in-depth understanding of the rules of painting using negative and positive space to play out scenes with perfect consideration and careful fluttering of her brush. Her smaller works appear to capture a moment in hurried anticipation and revelry. Fast strokes and thick colour draw the viewer in and up close, demanding as much attention as her larger works. For a long time it seemed that contemporary Australian art had forgotten about the mesmerizing landscape that was once muse to artists such as Streeton, Gruner and Roberts.

In 'Of a Place' Mia breathes a new life into a landscape as old as time. Mia Ng graduated from the National Art School in 2003 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting and since then has been included in a number of exhibitions across Australia. As well as winning the Sydney Art Co. studio award and the highly commended SODA Gallery prize, Mia was awarded the Hill End Artist in residence in October 2006 by the NSW Ministry for the Arts allowing her to truly immerse herself in her work and within her inspiration.

For further information, please email ng@ngart.com.au
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