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NG Art Gallery is proud to present a unique exhibition focusing on the future of food entitled Food for Thought, to be shown in conjunction with Good Food Month and the Chippendale Food Sustainability Fair Food for the Future in October 2008. Leading artists, such as Euan Macleod, Reg Mombassa, Paul Ryan, Janet Lawrence, Rachel Fairfax, James Powditch, Luke Sciberras, Angus McDonald, Jasper Knight, Gria Shead have been invited to submit works exploring their vision of how and what we will be eating in the future.

A total of 30 artists will be exhibiting. A number of 'Feast for the Senses' dinners will be held in conjunction with the exhibition inviting celebrity chefs/speakers, artists and sustainability consultant and expert Michael Mobbs. This exploration will consider how the ubiquitous meat and two veg of Australian youth have been replaced by a plethora of cuisines: curries, stir-fries, sushi - the list is endless and delicious. Yet behind the enrichment of our diet there is underlying unease surrounding food production. GM foods, new storage methods, added hormones, increased additives and preservatives in the most basic of meals - food nowadays is no longer a question of simple nourishment.

NG Curator Nicky Ginsberg said today: "Our fast-paced society demands our favourite foods in an instant, but we are also beginning to question whether the methods required to fulfil our desires are really all that good for us. Something else that has changed substantially over the years is that we are now asking, what is our food consumption doing to our planet?" Thus the exhibition also reflects the resultant impact on the environment of how we eat. Not only is it timed to coincide with Good Food Month but it is also part of the Food for the Future Sustainability Fair, to be held on October 11, in Chippendale.

The Fair aims to encourage people to grow their own food, and shows that even if you live in a unit, it is possible to cultivate a thriving veggie garden at home. "Locally grown food requires less oil, uses more sustainably-produced water, and can have high organic value if grown without pesticides. Plus it is often cheaper, free even," said Michael Mobbs, a sustainability expert who has been instrumental in developing the Fair. Food for Thought opens on Tuesday 30 September and concludes on Saturday 25 October 2008.

Read more media: Sydney Morning Herald August 2008

Food for the Future Brochure (pdf)

Food for the Future Fair (pdf)
Saturday 11 October 10am - 4pm

For further information, please email ng@ngart.com.au
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