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"Synesthesia: the interpretation of sensory experiences as visual or aural representations.

"Lydia Miller's paintings whip and dance reverberating to the silent sound that echoes through her palette. With great skill she weaves highly exotic silken threads of colour into dark moody hues of contemplation and abstraction."

NG Art Gallery is delighted to present artist Lydia Miller with her exhibition Sea Fever, opening 28 July 09. The ocean in Lydia Miller's latest paintings is a living creature with a tempestuous personality. It hangs like a mountain above the tiny surfers who sit astride their boards in the trough below. It rises into the sky and thunders down again in torrents.

It nonchalantly threatens oblivion in its brooding, inhospitable depth and breadth.

Miller's seascapes are no place for the faint-hearted. In these paintings she expresses her awe of the ocean, and her respect for the people who dare to submit themselves to its crushing power.

Her husband and children love the sea. All are keen surfers and beach-to-beach ocean swimmers. But you will only find Miller watching from the shore or doing some modest breaststroke within easy striking distance of the sand.

Today, Miller lives and works in an airy Bondi apartment. From her bedroom window you can see the salt spray rising above Ben Buckler at the north end of the beach.

But the place of her childhood was like another world. Born in the Ukraine in a town called Proskurov, Miller spent most of her early childhood in Nuremberg where her parents went after World War II.

Art and music were the twin comforts of Miller's girlhood. "My childhood consisted of drawing and listening to the radio," she says.

Even today she can not imagine being in her studio without the subliminal, ecstatic accompaniment of music. While working on her latest paintings, she listened among other things to Bach and Beethoven. It's no surprise that her up-coming exhibition is called 'Sea Fever' and is all about her connections with the seas and coastlines around us.

A self-confessed "obsessive" painter, Lydia Miller came to Australia during the 1950's and as a young child would scribble and scribe on whatever her small hands could stumble upon. Later in life she studied Arts at the University of New South Wales completing a Graduate Diploma of Education leading her then to The Seaforth School for Art and Design, The Julian Ashton Art School, The Royal Art Society and The Workshop Art Centre, Willoughby. Miller has been selected for many significant prizes in Australia including the Portia Geach, the Mosman Art Prize, the Fishers Ghost NSW and many others. She has completed portraits for several leading Australian political and academic figure and has work in public and private collections in Australia, Asia, Europe and USA.

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Highly Strung | Aug 2007

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