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Artist's Statement
In my own Time" (2009), is a series of paintings that developed through an inquiry of the figure in an environment, and the psychological spaces that this could conjure. It progressed into a more personal body of work that reflects the snapshots of time and a sense of the intimate, capturing small, unheroic slices of private life. Times shared by close friends, informal get-togethers indoors and out, on holiday or in the privacy of the home, these subjects are caught in unguarded moments and become actors in dramas and comedies of little events.

The use of the camera and photographic records along with drawings are used as memory aids and tools to enable better understanding of the subject matter. A photo brings into focus details of an interior as well as the ability to crop and control composition. The broad loose brushwork is knitted and impressionistic and there is a strong dependence on colour and light to convey emotion. Among other influences this work draws on the practice of the French artists often termed the 'intimistes' namely Bonnard and Vuillard who painted several works based on their home, family and friends.

The objective of this exhibition is to represent the familiar, not only on a momentary personal level, but also to a broader audience where these moments appear timeless.

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