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George Bernard Shaw once said, "There is no sincerer love than the love of food," and when one views Australian food culture, and the influences of immigration on our lives, no truer words have perhaps been spoken. Yet how is this love recorded? Artists from all over the world and throughout history have certainly embraced the love of food, depicting our ceremony and fascination with it whilst at the same time recording facets of important cultural history.

However, as we move and shape our world, so to our tastes change, and it is perhaps only art that is left when we consider now out-dated dining experiences of our childhood, or even of centuries past. Nowhere is the slow shift of food culture so evident than with immigration. Australia, with its rich heritage of embracing the new, benefits from the introduction of new forms of food, of art, of culture. NG Art Gallery has invited 12 leading artists to create original works that celebrate the past and their ethnic origins and favourite foods for the exhibition 'My Heart, My Food', My Country to be shown during International Food Month.

Artists Daniel Malecki (Polish), Jelena Telecki (Serbian), Mai Long (Vietnamese - Australian), Yaeli Ohana (Jewish, Morrocan, Australian), Zoe Teng (Taiwanese), Gina Sinovich (Croatian - Australian), Jumaadi (Indonesian, Australian), David Sant (Maltese, Australian), Kristyn Taylor (New Zealander), Ana Culliton (United Kingdom - Australian), Ari Athans (Greek - Australian), Sam Tupou (Tongan - Australian) & Max Lieberman (Jewish - Eastern European, Australian) will serve up a delicious insight into what their own cuisine and culture means to them, whilst also addressing just how human history is necessarily entwined with the historical development of gastronomy.

A selection of drawing, painting, sculpture and video will be shown.

A feast for the Senses dinner will be held on Tuesday 6 October - ABC former newsreader Richard Morecroft in conversation with food writer & author John Newton and Festival Director of the SMH Sydney International Food Festival Joanna Savill. Artists participating will provide the Mission chefs with recipes that have been handed down through the generations of their families and these will be interpreted to create a luscious degustation feast.  Cost $85.00 including wine.

Artists throughout the ages have used cuisine and food as inspiration for their work, and curator Nicky Ginsberg has drawn from this to present a unique perspective on a 'foodies' favourite time of the year. The artists will also consider how dietary habits derived from ethnic minority groups are continually adopted and embraced by locals, and how food identity might be eroded by the young, whilst the elderly often cling to traditional foods and methods. And they are in good company. In the past, familiar names such as Brueghel, William Hogarth, Renoir, Manet, Degas, Lautrec and Warhol have all depicted their own impressions of relationships with food and dining.

Said Ginsberg today: 'George Bernard Shaw said it best - "There is no sincerer love than the love of food" - and when one views Australian food culture, and the influences of immigration on our lives, no truer words have perhaps been spoken.'

To download the exhibition invitation simply click here.

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