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NG Art Gallery presents Thought Crimes by Angus Wood opening Tuesday 17 November, on show until Saturday 5 December. A young artist, with a dark conceptual maturity well beyond his years, accompanied by a consummate classical painting ability, Wood explores themes of conspiracy, paranoia, free speech and it's penalties in this often comical, yet deeply somber body of work.

Wood depicts a world made up of political figure heads, transmogrifying the faces of disgraced American President Richard Nixon with that of Communist leader Mao Tse-tung, two of history's most scandalous yet widely revered figures of power.

Former Australian Prime Minister Sir Robert Menzies, founder of the Liberal Party, is tidily painted when suddenly we realise there is a Frankenstein bolt in the side of his neck, referencing Menzies' decision during his term in office to have Australia export pig iron to Fascist Japan. In complete and confusing contrast, in 2009 we see the Australian Labour Party now selling pig iron to Communist China.

Thought Crimes lays before us a fascinating bed of infinite darkness and questioning that draws the viewer into his painterly world even before they have the chance to realise that they are in fact running head first into a treacherous landscape of disappearing freedom.

Influenced by the colour and design of early 20th century propaganda posters, the paintings depict conspiracy theories, nightmarish manifestos and curious objects. Suspicion reigns as the world we live in is dissected and recorded on canvas. The work is testament to the creative ways that individuals respond to an alienation created by a global zeitgeist.

Essentially the works are about doubt and fear of a world both brutally unsophisticated and incomprehensibly complex. The courage to leap into that rabbit hole of allegiance and appear aboveground again armed with unbiased, insightful reportage.

Angus Wood graduated from the National Art School with first division Honours in 2006 and was immediately engaged by Nicky Ginsberg to became the youngest ever artist in the NG Art Gallery stable. He has been a finalist in a number of prestigious prizes including the Eutick Memorial Still Life Award judged by art critic John McDonald three times.

To download and view a PDF of Angus Wood's exhibition invitation click here.

For further information, please email ng@ngart.com.au

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