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My method of working involves a certain level of improvisation and chance: I am never quite sure how the pieces are going to turn out. At the outset there is no set agenda. I collect and document "stuff" from a variety of sources and mix them together in my digital collages until a connection is made between them. I give them a visual home. I see potential for my art in images, objects and places that are generally ignored, used up or made redundant by society.

I like to use fragments from the consumer world which are beyond repair that have been damaged or abused which take on a different character when looked at closely and when placed in a different context within the work. I enjoy the element of surprise that these 'offerings' afford me and their ability to unlock ideas and emotions that otherwise remain hidden, for their expressive qualities and as symbols of urban decay. My hope is to turn mass produced and everyday things into something that is expressive and emotionally charged.

Peter Gilmour


Peter lived and studied in Glasgow, Scotland and gained a BA Hons Degree from the Glasgow School of Art in Fine Art specialising in Environmental Art. He exhibited and helped organise many site specifi c art projects and installation based works in Glasgow and was a committee member of Transmission Gallery, an artist run initiative in the city. He has exhibited his work in London and Europe and worked in graphics designing artwork for night clubs and music events throughout this period.

After moving to Australia in 2005, he took a different approach to his art. Influenced directly by the new environment around him, he now works primarily in two dimensions creating digital collages. He has recently exhibited works in Sydney and the Blue Mountains where he currently lives.

For further information, please email ng@ngart.com.au
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